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We are Homeward Bound and we offer unique and immersive nautically themed experiences that’ll give you and your crew a little taste of maritime history and leave you feelin' truly bonded. Gathered together, songbooks in hand, led by able shantyman Zack McKracken, we’ll bawl out a primal shanty or two. We'll provide rum for the courage and suitable attire for the fun, and you'll leave with a bunch of salty polaroids of you and the crew.


Sea shanties (from the French "chanter" -  to sing) are sailors work songs that were sung to keep up the spirits and morale of the crew as well as to provide a beat for heavy, repetitive tasks requiring synchronised movements.

It's probably fair to assume that most of the workforce onboard a typical 19th century merchant vessel were not gifted singers, and nor do you need to be to step up onto the big shanty ship. These are simple songs with a strong melody, often in a call-and-response style, making them a perfect way for the vocally talented and tone-deaf alike to experience the joy of singing (or shouting!) together in a group. A little bit of gumption and good humour are all that are required!

Whether on land or at sea, let’s dress up, have a swig o’ rum, belt our hearts out and let Cpt. McKraken send you into the evening with a memento portrait of you and your crew.

"We had the best hen party with Homeward Bound, Zack was fantastic from start to end and he is such a fun guy. I highly recommend this experience for both value and quality!"

Jessie D

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